1 Month | 8 Sessions

This course introduces learners to syntax based coding in a fun interactive manner. Learners get intrdocued to writing programs in Javascript.

– Logical Thinking
– Pattern Recognition
– Sequencing
– Visualisation
– Draw shapes with Javascript
– Work with variables and user inputs
– Set up conditions and loops to create exciting effects in JS
– Apply boolean logic and math operators
– Create artwork by coding in Javascript

Rs 6,400/-

4 Months | 32 Sessions

This course goes beyond fundamentals of coding to make learner develop skills in writing complex programs based on functions, objects, and classes.

– Colour Coordination
– Pattern Recognition
– Observation
– Aesthetic Sense
– Visualisation
– Composition
– Visual Communication
– Empathy
– Ideation
– Decision Making
– Sequencing
– Problem Solving
– Systematic Planning
– Work with variables
– Apply conditions and boolean logic
– Define functions
– Work with loops
– Explore array and other advanced object types
– Intro to Object Oriented Programming
– Define class and objects
– Create effects and animations for web & games using coding

Rs 25,500/-


Professional Project Internship

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